Roof Cleaning


If you have a build-up of dirt, moss, mould and lichen on your roof, give Exterior House Wash services a call.Roofs can quickly become dirty due to our weather conditions as it is easy for moss, mould and lichen to form which have a detrimental effect on all of our roofing systems. The root system on the lichen anchors and etches into the roof causing permanent damage. Therefore, it is recommended all new and existing roofs should be treated with a moss, mould and lichen killer. There are two possible ways of cleaning your roof:


1. Cleaning your roof with high pressure water.

  • This gives an instant result clearing away all dirt, moss, mould and lichen however, not suitable for all roofs.

  • There is the possibility of water ingress and damage to certain roofs is likely due to the direct of high pressure water.

2. Roof treatment.

  • Roof treatment is the preferred option when your roof has moss, mould and lichen.

  • The application of moss, mould and lichen killer to your roof takes approximately three hours for the solution to dry.


In addition, Exterior House Wash gives a one year guarantee on the day of roof treatment application.